Heber Valley Camp - Presentations


Heber Valley Camp has three presentations available during the entire camping season. These presentations are given by missionary couples serving at the camp. You may sign up for any or all of these optional 30-minute programs on your Unit Details Page. The following program descriptions are designed for Young Women campers. However, the program content can be easily modified for other groups.

“I Feel My Savior’s Love In All The World Around Me”—Feeling the Spirit, recognizing our Divine Nature, serving others and strengthening our testimony

This is the Heber Valley Camp song and is the inspiration for a presentation celebrating the majesty of God’s creations and the spirit of this dedicated camp. The focus is to teach young women to feel and recognize the spirit, appreciate their identity as a daughter of God, serve as the Savior did and the importance of a personal testimony.

    Related camp certification---
  • Find an opportunity to serve another camper or leader while at camp.
  • Design your own certification requirement based on this topic.

“All Things Bright and Beautiful”— The creatures, flowers, trees, and meadows of Heber Valley Camp.

“All things denote there is a God” (Alma 30:44). The wildlife, flowers and trees on the mountain vary through the seasons of the year. The presenter will describe the flora and fauna you may see during the week you are at camp, and will teach minimal impact camping techniques.

    Related camp certification---
  • Learn to identify six kinds of plants and three kinds of animals, birds or fish.
  • Learn one way to help preserve and protect the environment.
  • Design your own certification requirement from what you have learned.

“O Woman, Great Is Thy Faith” – Biographical Sketches of the Women Honored by Heber Valley Camp”

Heber Valley Camp has honored women of faith by naming camps after them. Who are these valiant women? Learn a little about all of them, or request an in-depth presentation about the woman your particular camp is named after. Young women can learn and implement much in their own lives from the lives of these great women and their examples of faith.

    Related camp certification---
  • Plan and present a song or skit based on this topic.
  • Design your own certification requirement from what you have learned.

These programs can be presented either at your camp pavilion or amphitheater. Adult leaders are required to attend with young women. Presentations are not available to be scheduled the morning of the first day of Young Women camp, Thursday evenings or on Saturdays.